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C++/printf() and scanf() functions !


my question is, where the printf and scanf function will be stored.

Hi dear saranya !

 In order to use the functions printf() and scanf() you should have to include the header file stdio.h ( stands fo standard input/output.h )
make sure header files in c will contain only the function prototypes , constants , enumerated values and global variables , same in case of the  functions scanf() and printf() only the prototypes of the functions is available in header files !
 Why to use header files ?

 The statement #include<stdio.h> used in your program , the statement will be replaced with the actual contents of the header file stdio.h , Upon doing like this during compilation , the compiler will make a reference over the functions declared in the header files !

What is library ?
  Library is a collections of sub programs that may be used in many programs independently , such sub modules are grouped under the header files for future use ! most of the libraries are not executable , they are only used as a reference .
  Reference may take place during compile time or runtime depend upon the nature of the library , the libraries that are linked ( linking is the process of linking the function call associated with code  , typically done by the linker )

 So the function prototypes are stored in the header files ( ie .h files ) and its actual definition and implementation will be stored in library files ( .lib file )

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