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C++/realloc equivalent in C++


Is there any function equivalent to "realloc" of C in C++?

Sushil Kumar , Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, there is not.

If you know that the 'new' operator actually calls 'malloc', you can use 'realloc' safely. However, such code may not be portable to all computers, particularly across operating systems, due to differences in the C run-time libraries. You can redefine 'new' and 'delete' to call 'malloc' and 'free', but this may not work with all compilers.

Either create a new block, copy the data, then delete the old block, or write your program so that it does not require 'realloc' functionality.

Another possibility (that I use) is to write your own memory allocator. Then you can do lots of optimizations and support 'realloc' functionality.

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