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I have a problem related to c++ programming and i need help with the format from beginning to end if that's alright with you the problem is:

Write a program which will imput a character text of data containing not more than 400 characters. i have to print the original character text and the new text with all vowels removed from the original text. in addition the program should output the number of vowels contained in the text. i have to label the output and my program is to contain internal documentation. no embedded blanks within a word.

example problem: roses are red and paper is too.
example answer: rss r rd nd ppr s t.

i also want to know what is a shift method, how do you use it, and when do you use it in the program.
also what is a two storage location, how do you use it, and when do you use it in the program. Thank you so much for your time and cooperation.

You should read the input in a string (buffer) and then parse it character by character. Use another string (buffer) to store the characters you want to keep. Then output the second string.
Note that I cannot give you the whole code here. If you need help with writing the program, you may contact who do these things.
In a shift method, you shift the string a character at a time and process it character by character.
For these codes, usually you need two storage locations. One for input and another for output. You process the input storage and produce the output storage.  


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