ok umm there are a few programs I've been thinking about and perhaps some of em are far fetched but, cant hurt to ask huh. anyway umm one is a program that would be on a disk or CD that as soon as you put in in it shuts down all programs and what-not like those damn error msgs that say click "ok" and ya click it 50000000 times and it just sits there, umm the next one is a program that when you activate it it puts a password on every action you can think of but it would have like a icon that allows you to shut it off but it needs like 3 passwords or somthing. please let me know if these are doable and how hard they would be to create

Will, Thank you for your question.

To the extent that I can understand what you mean by your descriptions, I would say that they are doable. How hard they would be create, though, well, that is another story. That depends on your experience and talent as a programmer and since I do not (I believe) know you, I can't even give you a blue-sky estimate.

I suspect, by the way, that your users would be startled by your programs' effects and promptly uninstall them. Who wants to run a program and suddenly find that all running programs had been terminated? Who wants to find that they cannot access their computer because they've forgotten one of a sequence of passwords?

I suspect that there are better solutions for the problems you are trying to solve. Umm, I realize after rereading that this sounds negative and critical. Perhaps if you could describe the problems I could help. For example, what are "those damn error msgs..."? I don't have them on my computer...

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