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C++/Very tricky.


did you check the url i gave you?
it brings different results.

from when you run it on the internet and view the html source.
and run it off your computer.

and this can be a problem if this happens in the html.
i am parsing everyline in [%System%]
and if it adds a new line at the end of every line...
i will bring errors when i later apply those to javascripts.

please help me out...
Followup To
Question -
Hello, this is the worst situation i've been in.
Here it goes.

I am making a web interpreter, and this is a brief version of the code.

#include <iostream.h>
#include <fstream.h>   

int main(){
char ch;
cout << "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
ifstream block("newpass.shenu");
while (!block.eof()){
  ch = block.get();
  if (ch == '\n'){
     //do nothing
  else {
     cout << ch;
return 0;




everything compiles fine and works good.
however, there just happens to be one thing that shouldn't of happened.

the result is this
and when you view source.
the following are in separate lines


when i wish them to be
in one line like this.
can you help me otu?
Answer -
Hi there:

  I hope u'll be fine. I think ur code should work as u want it to and it really worked fine for me. I made the same text file and ran ur code. It gave the output that u were expecting. If it is working for me, it should also work fine for u. There's no problem with ur code.

Thanks for contacting me

Hi there:

  Nice to see u again. The problem is, as u said, u have provided me with a "brief version" of the code, which is not xactly what u r using. I also dont know how r u "running it on internet". What u provided me, simply outputs the contents of a file. So as far as the provided piece of code is concerned, there's no mistake in it and it displays the output as it should be. There might be a mistake with the code u r actually using or in the way u r "running it on the net".

Thanks for contacting me


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