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C++/how to verify a few group of number with alphabets


dear sir,
        i facing problem in writing program now.
i just a beginer and now try to use switch of() write a program which enable me to get a group of information when i enter its name.
 example, i save a group of information under this name"B123",and another group of information in "C234".  when i use switch of() , it can't detect the "B123" and "C234" because switch off can only detect number.

  i try to use compare string but it can only detect one group of information,so not suitable for me because i have a lot of information need to group in.  

  can u teach me  a method to solve this problem?
i only know the very basic method like if else,for,switch of etc. hope u can give me reply soon. thks a lot  

kelvin lee , Thank you for your question.

I believe you want to compare character strings. A character string is an array of 'char' data type values. A 'char' is an 8-bit signed number that represents a printed character.

To compare two character strings, use the 'strcmp' function.

Here is a code sample:

if (!strcmp(GivenString, "B123"))
else if (!strcmp(GivenString, "C234"))

David Spector


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