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How to handle applications(.exe) through vc++.

I am using winexec to run winamp. Now It wil run after execution.But how i can control from vc++ to close winamp. Or catching some errors produced in winamp.

I am doing project on va scanner.

After running winamp with any mp3 file or my own file which is a bug file. winamp gives the message the instruction at 0x000ff0c can not be read.
Now my target is same to shut down or cause some overflow in applications.

But how to check through vc++ about such errors of applications which i have executed through winexec().

I mean how i wil give message or catch exceptions produced by application..

Usually applications are not designed to be controlable by another program. However, you can get the system information about an application, using the system calls.
In general, I don't know about what you can do with winexec, but it gives you a handle by which you can use other system calls to get more information about that process.
I am not sure if winamp exports the error messages such that you can get them in VC++.


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