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C++/i want to know the extent of my knowledge


hello. i am fresh out of college and beginning the job search. all the websites i have used say they want "expert" knowledge of C++. i was wondering how i would tell how strong my knowledge is. like, if theres a test out there you may know of or something.

thanks a lot.
- Eddie

Dear Eddie,
Thankyou for your question.

First of all, regarding to answer how to know the extent
then i would only say onething here, Computer Languages
is such a thing, where you cannot ever measure, to which
extent you have gained the expertise about a particular
tool. Everyday technology is changing, and it's not easy
to keep up with the pace, so i would contradict this word
"expert" in any field. There is no such word exist atleast
in computer world. So you should keep the moral up.

Now the way, you asked how you can tell them, how strong
you are, first of all Eddie, they don't mean that you should
be a giant in programming in C/C++. What they mean by
an expert is a person "having good concepts" about the
particular area.

Lastly, the way to show them, is bestly your resume, your
resume should made in such a way, that it should be captivated towards it. How they will know practically is
ofcourse the interview section. Every company demands good
concepts, but after you pass the interview, the company
is gonna train you in C/C++ according to their own needs.
For example, some people will require you to train yourself
in System programming, some will be needing that you can
build excellent graphics package in it, stuff like that.
I hope this helps and your confusion is cleared.

Anywayz, feel free to ask question again, if you have any.


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I have got 2 years experiece under C . I am able to answer about the structured concepts pointers to a little extent,OOP concepts. I have also experience in data Strucutres like Linked List, Stacks , Queues, Heaps, B Trees, Red Black Trees. I will try to satisfy with my knowledge. I am the Student of an expert here Martin, what i have learnt today, i just owe my every knowledge to him. He is the greatest.

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