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   which api function in windows is used to know the load of the processor.that is how much the processor is busy at this time.(like the sysmon application given with windows)and which api is used to know the no of diskread/write  operations curretly handling.

thanking you sir.

sai rahul.
Answer -
sai rahul, Thank you for your question.

Certain performance statistics are reported by SysMon.exe, PerfMtr (NT only), and PMon (NT only).

There are some Win32 functions available in all versions of Windows to determine process or processor load, chiefly GetProcessTimes and GetProcessMemoryInfo.

However, in some systems more detailed information is available by enumerating certain system statistics keys in the Windows Registry.

In some systems, the keys for the NAMES of system statistics are located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\PerfStats\Enum.

David Spector

    Thank you sir.can you explain it more briefly.

      thanking you sir.

Here is the briefest answer I can give:

Use functions such as 'GetProcessTimes'.

If you need a better answer (rather than a brief one), I suggest that you post this question at, which is more advanced than



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