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Dear sir,
Hello !

I want to develope a program so that it is able of replacing some special words in a DOC file, with another word.

It seems that microsoft has provided programmers with some SDK or Office-API that does the task. What I exactly want to know is that using which library and which function helps me do the task.  I do not want to parse the DOC file, but I want to get "microsoft provided functions" to do the replacement for me.

Thank you very much."

Mohammad , Thank you for your question.

You will have to obtain the COM Automation Interfaces for Microsoft Word. This software will include instructions for its use, although you will have to learn how to do COM programming to use C++ to do this (Visual Basic contains easy support for COM programming).

I do not know the details of where to obtain the Word API, or even if it is available outside of Microsoft. You can search Microsoft's MSDN Library at

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