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Hello, need a help. have to calculate a formula in C and print out results. My printer connected to USB port.Win Me, Visual C++,
Answer -
what formula you want to calculate?
The formula is not a big deal Zij=Xi*pow(sin(Yj),3)...and so on, (two dim. array...) but the problem is how to send data (the result)to the printer(using PRINTF() to send streem on to display or file) but to get things printed out .... Thanks a lot.

Zij=Xi*pow(sin(Yj),3) can be done in C/C++ like:

double temp, Z[10,20], Z[10], Y[20];
temp = sin(Y[j]);
Z[i][j] = X[i] * (temp * temp * temp);

you can also use the power function, but the above is easier.

To print, just use normal printf or cout functions that display on screen, but then redirect the output to printer (from command prompt). See below:

C:\> myprog > PRN


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