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for example if
j=-4 , k=1

then the polynomial is (x*x*x)+2(x*x)+x+5
and the root between j and k will be -2.4334

I am new to c programming.
I dont know whats wrong with my code.
This program is supposed to find the root of a polynomial
with x being the number of terms (x≤100)
a[x] being the coefficients
b[x] being the power of the variables (must>=0)
j k is any 2 numbers provided that j<k and f(j)*f(k)<0

please help me...thanks...

This is my coding.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
int main()

       int x ;
       scanf("%d\n", &x);
       double a[x];
       int l;
       for(l=0; l<x; l++)
         scanf("%lf", &a[l]);
       int b[x];
       int m;
       for(m=0; m<x; m++)
         scanf("%d", &b[m]);
       double j,k,c,fj,fk,fc;
       scanf("%lf %lf",&j,&k);
       fj= pow( a[x]*j, b[x]);
       fk= pow( a[x]*k, b[x]);
       while( fj * fk < 0 )
         c = (j+k)/2;
         fc = pow(a[x]*c, b[x]);

         if(fabs( fc ) < 1e-9)

         else if  ( fabs( fc )> 0&&fc*fk < 0 )
         j = c;
         else if  ( fabs( fc )> 0&&fj*fc < 0 )
         k = c;


       printf("root is %lf\n",c);

   return 0;

Hi Stephen,

There are a few issues with the code snippet you posted. The lines "x<=100;", "b[x]>=0;", and "j<k;" do not do anything. You have declared a couple arrays of size "x", but a[x], and b[x] are out of bounds. For example if you declare an array "int x[3];", then you would access the array using "x[0], x[1], x[2]". I hope these pointers help you with your program.


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