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My Ques was :-
How to achieve Product Key concept in window application of .net
fer eg. - In Quick Heal Total Security we can run a setup by 1 key in 1 system, and with the same key it is impossible to run a setup in another system.
Same concept I want to use in my c#.net window application.

your ans is :-
Main logic is that you create an algorithm that takes system hdd no or cpu ID (or both) and expiration date which in the end gives you a serial key.
You may also use online licensing to activate licenses only by internet connection.

This question is asked on many websites and you can find open source solutions.

One of the solutions: Installkey Codeplex

but I am unable to understand, actually I am new in this and the URL you have given is giving a setup but i want source code.

Please help me Sir

Hi again,

I cannot provide you source code from scratch for a whole module. There are plenty of examples and videos for simple licensing.

Here is a tutorial on how to achieve it: Youtube.com

Hope that helps,



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