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Do you know how the software "scareware" is created? I do know it has something to do with programming.

I'm just curious and wanted to know for educational purposes only. Since I'm a Magician anything that's a secret interest me. There are no books written about the topic on Amazon. It's like a mystery that some how only a few people know about.

I've got some of my own Magic videos online at if you want to see them.

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ANSWER: Hi there,

Scareware software could be developed by using any programming language, since its just lies to victim that his/her PC is infected or similar things. However for better performance and secrecy of codes, they are made mostly using C++ or Delphi. Its completely unethical and illegal to develop them, that's why its normal that you can't find how to create them.

More information at here.

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PS: Congrats about your skills. You really seem pretty good at it :)

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QUESTION: Thanks Murat on your compliment

Since where are no books written about scareware how did you know that for better performance and secrecy of codes it mostly uses C++ or Delphi?

It's strange that there are books written about phishing and software piracy on but not on scareware.

I also realize that and uses the scareware tactic also but they wait for the computer user to click on their scan button to search into our pc first.

Its because any software which is written on other platform will be slower about processing mass files, like scanning many files. Also they don't need any framework or a third-party software to be installed.

Many software like those, just progress on files and may don't even scan actually, just showing random warnings that you are infected. When you click to fix then you are really infected. Or they ask to buy to clean your pc.


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