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C#/Task Manager (Calendar)


I want to develop an application of task manager(calendar) in
Adding event on particular date is possible. We can add to database. But I want some options like event should be one-time, weekly, monthly or yearly. And it is not possible to save n number of days in database because it does not have any end date. like if I add birthday on January 1 and option is yearly. It should show every year.
I also tried to integrate google calendar but its not working. All code I tried is for v2 and its not working for current version v3.

So, help me if possible for .net calendar or google calendar or any other calendar control u know.


I've used few calendars before, but i've recently started implementing calendar, easy to use and good tutorials available on their website.

Have a look and I hope this will help you.

Happy programming and happy holidays!  


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