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Hi Murat. When a video game character is in a specific position in a game and he looks around his environment using the right directional tab he has a unique point of view. But when the character movies to another location near that same area and looks around again using the right directional had he has another perspective due to his position. Do the animators has to re-draw the point of view everytime when the character moves and looks around the environment again? If no, why not? Since I'm a Magician I like to understand mysteries and this is a real mystery to me. In a way Video Games are a form of Magic because even the Professionals like David Copperfield & Criss Angel uses the latest advancements in technology to create their Miracles.

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Well its not my profession but it's an interesting question, so I will try to answer. A game developer first creates 3D models of the scenes, characters, objects. Then he draws graphics for these objects and sticks them on models. He creates scenarios, menus, effects. However everything else are handled by 3D renderers (DirectX, OpenGL, etc.).

3D renderers calculate how objects will look depending on perspective you look, so developer doesn't have to worry about it.

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