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I found this reply from you to a question about batch converting Cadkey to DWG/DXF in a Google search.  We are needing to do the same conversion using Cadkey 98.  Can you please explain which CDE is used and how it is executed using the .lst file?  CDE's are loaded and executed within the Cadkey program, but I'm not sure how you would input the *.lst parameter.  This was you previous answer to someone else's question: "The article i wrote 4 years ago only pertains to the CadKey versions 97-99 which basically covers the use of the 'CDE Execute' to read a text list (this file will consist of your all the *.prt library to be translated). This can be easily generated from the notepad and then rename the file extension with *.lst. The procedure is simple, the hard part is probably generating the *.lst file...but that could also be done thru batch dump process in DOS. Hope this helps!"

So.. which CDE was used to do this conversion?  And how to use the *.lst parameter.


ANSWER: Greetings Mark,

I wrote that little 'how to article' over a decade ago & may not even be applicable in our current windows OS's anymore. Regardless, the CDE is an executable command file (without the fancy graphical interface) that only runs inside DOS. You'll find it somewhere in the Cadkey install directory.
In order for this translation to work, CDE needs a listing of prt's. Each target files has to be in this list & ensure all file name matches, otherwise CDE id's these as non-existent & just parses to the next sequential item.
In order to expedite this process at a much faster rate & more accurate, i moved all of my prt files in a folder & ran a command dir batch dump in dos:

(C:\Users\Jory\Documents\Convert>dir /b >> MyList.lst

Run CDE in dos & map to MyList.lst & let it do it's thing for the next few hours. I remember successfully running mine for a couple of days. I hope this clarifies a few things.

Good luck!

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QUESTION: Thanks for the reply!

But looking in the Cadkey97 or Cadkey98 install folders, there is no CDE executable.  There are CDE files (ie: dxf.cde) that can be loaded and executed within Cadkey, but no DOS cde executable.  Would they have eliminated the CDE program from these installs?  I can find no batch .cde file either for use within Cadkey.

Frustrating... and stuck...


Mark, those are the CDE files i was talking about. Essentially run dxf.cde in DOS & in conjunction with the *.lst file.
Do a sample test run, copy 3 prt files in your local drive. If the names of these files are xyz001.prt, xyz002.prt....then write down the names in notepad like so:


then save it as MyList.lst (not MyList.txt) on the same location with prt files. Run your dos command prompt, & run series of CD commands all the way to your dxf.cde directory folder. Then tell it where to locate MyList.lst (i.e. C:\Users\Jory\Documents\Convert\MyList.lst) The prt will be translated to dxf files in that directory. Once you get this far, you then implement this concept on a larger scale. Hope this helps



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