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We have an old platform rocking chair and are attempting to re-do it.  We have done a similar chair in the past.  We know you put new webbing on and then attach the springs, tie them then cover them with batting, then material.  When we took the olf off we noticed one of the springs is broken.  It isn't easy for us to find a new one.  Our question is, can we replace the springs with foam?  Would we use a dense foam for in the bottom of the chair and then possibly a memory foam on top of that for height and comfort?  The back is also padded, so I think a piece of foam there would do to.  Does this sound correct and can you give us ideas?  Thanks.  Dorothy

Hello Dorothy,

I assume that you mean replacing all the springs with a block of foam instead of the coil springs.  If that is what you want to do I see no reason that could not be done.   Although this isn't the correct way to do the seat it will work.  Place the webbing as you would for the coil springs and instead of coil springs put a block of foam on top of the webbing where the springs should go.  On top of that block of foam, as you suggested, place a softer memory foam for height and comfort.    It is very unlikely that a large block of foam will give as much bounce as coil springs would so be prepared that the seat will sit rather hard or firm - regardless your idea should work.  Below are two other suggestions.

Depending on your frame, it may also be possible to place the webbing on top of the frame,  either jute or rubber webbing - doing that would require far less foam.  Or - if the frame is strong enough replace the coil springs with no-sag springs instead of the block of foam.  

So to answer your question "can you replace the springs with foam?"  There's no law against doing so ����  and I'm sure it's been done before.

I hope this helps,

Mark Miller.  

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