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As a follow up question to my question. Will the no sag clips
hold the tension of the 9 gauge spring??  This would eliminate
the bending of the spring.

Hello Richard,

Yes,  no-sag clips are actually better than bending the springs and placing them in the wood.    But even so make certain that you cut the spring in the center of a loop so that there is a hook that will prevent the spring from sliding out of the clip.

There should be three nails on each clip,  one nail to hold the clip and then two nails to close the clip with the spring is in the clip.  

You must use a nail that is specific for no-sag clips though,  in the trade this is called a "no sag nail"   a no-sag nail is about 1 inch long,  heavy gauge and has a serrated edge that will prevent the nail from pulling out of the wood.   If you use a regular nail with a smooth surface then over time the nails will pull out of the wood and the spring will snap loose.  

Make certain that you use either no-sag nails (available where you buy the clips and springs) or a nail with a serrated edge.

Be sure to completely nail the clip closed when you install one end of the spring,  then pull the spring into the clip closest to you so that if the springs snaps out of the second clip that you are installing into - that the spring will snap AWAY from you.  Then close the clip securely and go on to the next spring.   I recommend using leather garden gloves and safety eye wear.

I hope this helps,  please don't hesitate to contact me if you need further clarification,  and be very careful.

Mark Miller.  

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