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I was given some great tables that need to be refinished.  I was thinking of using them outside and wondered if there is such a thing as cement paint?


Hi Christina,
Cement paint on wood? Personally I would not recommend this but...if you make sure you get an Acrylic based cement paint and prepare the table well by removing the original finish if it has any and sanding the table well with fine low grit 120g sand paper I am sure it would work. Read the instructions on the can first before you buy your paint, it might state its limitations and best practices. And also be careful about having it on a surface where it might come into contact with food, there might be some health risks.
Is it a painted finish you require? Teak/Linseed oil is another option and is easily maintained and brings out the natural beauty of the wood.

I hope this answer helps you, if you need more advice why not ask a decorator/painter they might have some better input.

Good luck!

Sean Parsons

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