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My husband and I just recently built our home.and within the first few weeks of living here all the cabinets started pealing or flaking. I called the cabinet man and he redid a the problem spots but they continue to to this.. I am so frustrated because we have only been in the home for 1 year. anywhere the cabinets get wet or are touched repeatly they peal or flake. they are maple cabinets. I tryed to add a marine poly to a few to see if that would help but no luck. what can we do or what should we do to fix the problem,and how do we restain maple if thats what we have to do.. we have 86 cabinet doors and @14 drawer fronts... It was costly in the first time around, oh they were custom built not from a dealer.. thanks for your time..

Hi Robin, sorry to hear about this, specially because it is definitely the fault of the finisher....there is something wrong with either the stain coat  or some other layer of finish that was applied...perhaps an incompatibility between the stain, sealer or topcoats, some kind of contamination to the wood or stain coat, etc., or even the wrong type of finish for the job. Without knowing the exact finish schedule, there is no way I can even begin to help. But it is clearly the finishers fault. Factory cabinet finishes can have upwards of 10+ individual finish steps, utilizing sealers, stains, toning, glazing, and clear coats. All the individual steps have to be done with materials that are designed to be compatible with each other, and the result is a deep, durable KCMA approved finish that will last for 20+ years. This is one reason why commercial cabinets are so expensive. Anyone can build a decent cabinet, but these finishes are what set these manufacturers apart from each other and from the lesser competition. They have been at the forefront of developing these finishes and the techniques and skill that goes with applying them for years, and the newest breed of catalyzed finishes are among the best, and most durable of any...with lower VOC's and toxicity, and produce a beautiful, furniture grade finish that can take the harsh environment of the kitchen space for literally 20+ years with very little maintenance. Post back, wish I could help more...but I can tell you who's fault it is, and they're definitely responsible for fixing it....regards- Greg

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