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Hi Eileen,

I have been searching to replace my antique armoire door hinge that fell out during a move but I've had no luck.  In my search, I came across a post that you answered several years ago where the user needed to fix the wood that surrounded the hinge / pin (see link below).  My question is this; do you know of any online resources that sells these replacements?  I appreciate any insight you might have.  Thanks!


Hi Jennifer
Nice to hear from you.
The only possible source could be this

However I very much fear a replacement will not be found unless its taken off a junked piece.
But look through this link.
Perhaps something suitable will be found.

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Hi..I can answer most questions about the repairing,stripping and refinishing of all your old furniture and wood items(the things we call antiques)I can give advice about what to buy/avoid at auctions/flea markets. I do not give appraisals on antiques.


I have been refinishing antiques for the past 30yrs. While I have taken several courses over the years,I have found that "hands on" learning is the best teacher. Perhaps I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I made while learning.

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