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yes, we just repainted our kitchen cabinets white and then spray a clear coat on them, but the clear coat is not evenly glossy on them and some have a slight yellow tint, what would be the best way to fix this situation?

Hello Jarret,
If you could be a little more specific with the detail ie; what was the door finish prior to painting? what type of paint did you use? and what type of spray finish did you use?

The problem could be caused by any number of issues. Sometimes you can get a 'bleeding' of what was ever on the door prior to painting forcing its way to the top of the new finish. How well did you prepare the door before painting? You should have cleaned all surfaces with Sugar Soap or similar degreasing cleanser(especially for kitchen units) and then you would need to rub down with sand paper. Did you use a water based white paint? There might have been a adverse reaction with the sprayed finish.

I feel the only solution to address this issue is to strip off the new finishes and start again. If you have the budget I recommend taking doors to a spray shop for a professionally painted finish. If going DIY use oiled based sealer's and paints (this will help prevent any bleeding) and build up the coats letting each one dry, then using fine wet and dry sand paper to rub down before applying next coat of paint. Try to avoid adding a spray finish to a already painted door.

I hope this is of help.


Sean Parsons

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