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I am starting my own furniture business. I am particularly interested in kids furniture and some home furniture like bookcases, home office desks, tables etc.

I am inclined towards using MDF as much as possible for various reasons. MDF is most economic, easy profiling, and most importantly it finishes very well (paint). The biggest problem is its density. MDF products are very heavy which makes me think of other alternatives.

Pine wood is another option which is easy to handle, not very heavy, considerably strong (good enough for me) and this also finishes well. The only problem is its surface is soft enough to be scratchable by nails.

Third option is plywood. It's strong, easy to handle but the problem is I don't think it finishes well with paint.

My biggest objective is to make beautiful yet economic furniture and I would need good mix of acrylic and lacquer paint.

I don't have a crisp question but I would like to hear from you how should I decide. I don't mind doing mix and match between woods.

I know IKEA uses MDF a lot and I think they are doing good. But is it very heavy to use??

Please advise..


Hi Sanjay,
I would recommend using MDF, as you have said the possibilities are endless with MDF so the weight issue should not be a problem. MDF is Medium Density Fibreboard so you can get LDF or Low Density Fibreboard which is considerably lighter but not suitable for joinery/cabinet making that might take some wear and tear.

At this very moment in time I have two projects ongoing that are constructed entirely from MDF. I am building some bookcase that are over 4 meters long by 3 meters high and consist of around 150 pieces that will be spray painted. Obviously I couldn't construct this as one item so careful planning is required so as to help with the logistics of moving from workshop to paint shop to site for fitting. Good design is the secret to overcome weight and size issues.

Added advantages also are that you can now buy veneered MDF in all manner of exotic timber veneers, you can really let your creative mind run wild with these.

To sum up stick with the MDF, you can not go wrong!
Good luck with your venture.

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