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I have an older wingback chair with zig zag springs that creak. I checked them and they are not broken, but I notice when I push on the seat the springs are sliding around in the clips that hold the end of the springs and causing noises. Is there any way to stabilize them and get them to not mske noise? Thank you.

Hi Julie,

It is very unlikely that you will be able to tighten the clips without taking the chair seat apart.  Regardless,  tightening the clips will not stop the squeaks.  However,  to remedy the noise is easy to do.  Just spray some W/D 40 lubricant on the spring ends or any other oil such as sewing machine oil and that should stop the squeaks.   Place some old newspapers under the chair for the first few days to catch any drops of oil.

I hope this helps.

Mark Miller.  

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