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I have one of the old vanity dressers with a round mirror that has the waterfall front on it.

While we were moving it, it started to fall and one of us grabbed the front to keep it from hitting the ground.  It popped up the "waterfall" piece where it attaches to the front of the dresser, and it won't go back - there seems to have been tension on the wood there, which I don't know how to replicate without damaging the wood.  Any thoughts on how to 'stretch' the wood back into place?

ANSWER: Hi Melissa
Nice to hear from you.
I have to know if this is just the veneer (the very thin wood covering the actual waterfall),that came up, or did the whole cross piece come away from the sides?
And a picture is worth a thousand words.
Get back

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QUESTION: it appears the whole piece lifted up.  the veneer cracked a little - you can see that in the photos.  please let me know if you need more detailed photos or specific places.

thank you.

Hi Melissa
Thanks for the pictures.
Remove all the drawers.
Turn the piece over on its top.
It looks to me like all thats needed is a bit of glue and a couple of bar clamps.
In my shop this would be an easy fix as I have the clamps.
If you don't, I'll bet you know someone to borrow them from.
You will see when the piece is turned over, exactly where it should be glued back.
If nothing else, the wood will be very much lighter where it separated.
Trust me, this is easy but if you do not feel confident in trying it, can you get someone to come over and help you.
Good luck

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