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The house we just moved into to has cedar on the walls.  Evidently the previous owner had two pictures that he had the walls for probably the age of the house (20 years).  Under those pictures the cedar is darker than the surrounding boards.  Is there something I can use to even out this discoloration?

Your problem is shared with many homes and office buildings where we do work.

As you know wood is photosensitive - sensitive to sun light as well as lighting in the house.
Some woods darken with light and some become lighter in color.
The light has actually penetrated through the finish on your cedar planks and has lightened the stain that that is in the fibers of the wood.

If the wood behind the pictures were lighter than the balance of the planks;  you could shade the lighter area to become a little darker.
Being that your's is darker; you can't shade dark to become lighter, without applying an opaque color to hide the darker area.  You then have an area that has all of the grain and depth of the wood hidden and is more obvious than the original darker areas.

So I think you will have to hang pictures or other objects to hide the darkened areas.

Thanks for our e-mail and good luck.

Joe Eldredge
Conscientious Wood Care  

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