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little table 1
little table 1  
little table 2
little table 2  
QUESTION: Hi Eileen,
Greetings from Melbourne, Australia!
I'm wondering if you could tell me anything about this little table's purpose, or what its unusual leg-style might be called. I picked it up recently with no knowledge of its history.  (Having not used allexperts before, i'm not sure how many photos i can attach to this request, but i've taken 3 if more will help.) Thanks Eileen.

Nice to hear from Down Under.
The style seems Danish to me.
If this piece is desk height, thats exactly what it is.
If its coffee table height, thats its purpose.
But could you get back to me with the dimensions?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Little table
Little table  
QUESTION: Sure. It's 90cm wide, 33cm deep and stands just 57cm high.
As the 3rd pic shows, the shelf underneath looks a bit like a footrest?
Thanks again.

Sorry Dick.
I just can't figure what this table is..its about 2 feet high I calculate.
Too low to sit at and too low for working upright at.
Its the darn foot rest (or whatever it is), thats a puzzle.
At first I thought it could be a bookshelf with the added brace piece on top added to keep books from falling off the back but its on the opposite side to the flip up lid hinge.
And the double legs on the bottom don't make sense.
Is there any way the added bottom shelf and legs are not original to the piece?
Turn it over and have a very close look.
Please get back.
I'm away now till tomorrow night.

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