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I had a quick question. I have a wood cutting board in my kitchen. Just last week it literally split, I have no reason why. The original cutting board is 18"x12"x1.5". I was wondering can I glue it back together, and if so, what glue would be the best to use? After it split, one of the pieces is around 10"x12x1.5, and the other is around 8"x12"1.5".

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Hi Matt,

It's possible that glue lamination that split apart happened because of moisture entering the joint, thus dissolving the old glue. Also - it could have been a starved joint, meaning whoever glued it together didn't use enough glue, so it wasn't a good bond from the start. I'm guessing moisture entered the joint, though....

The best glue to use would be Titebond II, which is a water resistant glue. You can buy it at almost hardware store. But here's the most important part - you need to clean the old glue off the two edges of wood that will be joined together. You can sand it clean, or scrape it with a chisel, or something... but if you just put those two "dirty" edges back together, you're not going to get a good bond.

Once cleaned, apply a light coat of glue to both pieces of the wood. Some people use one heavy coat on one piece of the wood, but I like two lighter coats, one on each side. Put the board together, aligning everything. Then - you're going to need to clamp it until it dries. If you don't have clamps - well, you need to borrow some, or figure out a way to jeri-rig something. Without good clamping pressure, your joint will fail again.

After it's dry - scrap or sand off the glue that has dribbled out - you can even do this about an hour after you clamp the board up. It is easier to remove soft glue, than wood that has fully hardened.

Good luck, hope this helps!

Jamie in Vegas

Jamie Yocono
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