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Hi there,

Can you guide me on how to get high gloss paint finishing on plywood furnitures?

Normally high gloss would need primer then sanding then first coat then finishing with high grit paper and then second coat and then more coats with sanding if needed. Is this true for plywood a as well?

Also, if I perform same set of actions on an midfield and plywood, will I get same finish on both?

Please suggest. Thanks.


The process to make high gloss finish for the plywood is about the same with the wood panel.
But usually the plywood has bigger pores and grain.
The process is as follow:

1. Wood filler
Make sure you apply the filler properly. You can view about wood filler application in here:

2. Apply the paint color (base coat)
2 layer coating is needed. let the paint dry and do a good sanding.

3. Apply the sealer
Us the same type of coating with the base coat
Apply 2 layer coating. let it dry then do sanding to the sealer layer.
Make sure you get the flat and even surface.
Apply another sealer if necessary.
Usually we need 2 or 3 coating of sealer to get the flat and even surface.
Sand the sealer surface well.

4. Apply the high gloss top coat.
Use the same type of top coat with the sealer and base coat.

Check the surface coating layer. Make sure we got the smooth, and even finish layer.
IF you don't, then you need to apply another top coat. Sand the finish layer with fine sandpaper and apply another top coat on it.

For more information  you can see this article below:


Good luck  

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