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Camphor chest
Camphor chest  

Camphor Chest
Camphor Chest  
I have a beautiful camphor wood chest from Australia that has been passed down through generations, however it has some cracks including one that starts at the back edge about 1/4" then tapering down the back.  Can I fill this, how do I restore the chest, and how do I prevent this from happening again.  Do you think that the wood has dried out to cause this, and if so should I oil the camphor wood regularly? Thank you for your help.

You wood could crack because of the fluctuation of the wood moisture content caused by humidity changing of the environment.
Yes you can fill it, but you need to glue the crack part first to stop the crack. Use a superglue to glue the crack and stop the crack. Then you can insert the wood putty with proper color to fill in the gap.

The wood always has risk to get crack problem caused by the humidity changing. If in your area the variation of the humidity is high the the risk to get crack problem is become higher.

The oil finish cannot fully prevent the crack problem because it only thin finish with almost no film layer.

To minimize the crack problem you need enough film layer to protect and close the wood pores and grain. Then your wood moisture content will keep stable. Base in my experience you need  minimum 4 layer of coating (2 layer of sealer and 2 layer of top coat) to get better protection for your wood.  

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