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It is necessary for me to remove a drawer in our desk and I cannot figure it out.  There is a rail attached to the drawer that slides into a rail inside the desk.  The locking mechanism for drawer removal is inside the desk.  There are no levers of any kind.  It is an oak Scandinavian desk from about 20 plus years ago.  There are no moving parts on the rail that is attached to the drawer.  Any ideas on how to remove the drawer?



I certainly relate to your question; as there are hundreds of manufacturers of furniture and almost as many hardware applications.

I would first look on the railing that is attached to the furniture shell and not the rail on the actual drawer.

Many times it in near the end of the rail; facing you.
There might me a piece of metal that looks like it belongs to the railing; but, it can be pushed in, minutely to release the hold.

Pull the drawer out until it stops and catches; usually that's were you will find the hidden small piece that stops the drawer from coming out completely.

I hope this is your case.

Please e-mail with a picture of the end of the railing; if you don't find the catch.

Good Luck!

Joe Eldredge
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