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I have an older Hoosier cabinet not quiet sure how old but is in need of repair. The paint is flaking off and needs to be refinished. This will be my first project for this type of thing and need to know what all I need from start to finish (tools, paint, etc.). I saw a conversation you had with someone on your page back in 2008 and was similar to my questions. I want to strip everything down and start from scratch but also want a few ideas of what would look good. Should I bring back the classic white or should I stain it or maybe give it the distressed look? Thanks a lot. I can send a picture if it will help any.

Hi Daniel
Nice to hear from you.
If you are sure that this cabinet was originally painted, then you will have to paint it again.
I would bring it back to classic white.
I would not even try to strip the cabinet in hopes it can be stained and clear coated.
The wood used for painted pieces was usually less than perfect and you will find the paint has absorbed into the wood and cannot be removed.
So, in order to paint, the piece must be sanded so all the flaking is smooth. You do not need to sand all the paint off, just sand the paint smooth.
I would remove all the doors, knobs, hinges etc first.
Get a supply of 120 grit paper.
Only tools needed are for removing the hardware. Screwdrivers. And a good quality paint brush.
I would use semi gloss water based paint.
Hope this helps
Get back if needed.

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