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Cabinet Radio 2  
I have a Farnsworth EK-140 Radio made in 1946 which I believe still has the original finish (although there are many small areas where the finish has worn off and only the wood remains - much lighter than the finished areas). Is this lacquer? And how do I restore it?

I have decided against a full re-finishing/re-staining (very expensive) and am opting for a DIY semi-restoration. I just want the entire cabinet to look cohesive and I don't care too much about the nicks and scratches. I also don't want to sand off the piece's history. How can I go about touching this piece up? Do I clean with mineral spirits or Murphy's Oil Soap first? Do I use a clear lacquer over everything? A tinted lacquer? How can I make the finish deeper/darker in color? Thank you!

That is a very attactive Cabinet Radio

First of all; the finish would most likely be a shellac or lacquer finish in 1946.
Looking at your piece it looks like lacquer,

To test for shellac - apply a few small drops of denatured alcohol; in an inconspicuous area - return in a couple of minutes - touch with a soft bristle brush - if is soft and sticky it should be shallac.

For your lacquer test - use lacquer thinner in the same manner as you use the denatured alchol.

If it is shellac; you don't want to use lacquer to refurbish - it would be too hot and dissolve some of the finish.

If you are trying to keep the grain and depth percepton; I wouldn't use a tinted lacquer.
If you just want a darker opaque finish - use a tinted lacquer
With lacquer; I would clean with xylene - it has the least amount of petroleum; after distillation and leaves very little residue.  (be careful with this)

If you want to touch-up the worn areas; before spraying clear or tinted, dip a small tip brush into the color of lacquer; that you think is going work - and brush lightly with a small amout of the color you are going to use.

It's a fairly large piece to use spray cans. It can be done; if you are exerienced wity spray cans.

Please email me with any further questions; if you desire.

Good luck,

Joe Eldredge
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