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QUESTION: We have a lovely rosewood dinning set that we have used palisander oil on since purchasing set 40 years ago. Alas, have run out of palisander oil and cannot find more. When we bought this set the salesman emphasized ONLY using the palisander oil. Do you know where we can find more oil or can you recommend a suitable substitute. We live in Canada. Your help would be appreciated.

ANSWER: Joanne,
Sorry for the slow response.
Our woodcare business goes 7 days a week and usally takes us quite a distance from our home base.

After searching the internt and confiding with several national companies; we have not been able to locate any oil designated for palisnader wood.
The distributors think that a local comany created the oil and sold it for that usage.

Not being able to substantiate the ingredients; it is difficult to suggest another polish that would be compatable to the substance of the Palisades oil.

If you still have an empty bottle with the lable in tact; maybe, you could see the ingredients on the lable and let us know.

We only use one furniture oil in our woodcare business and that is called Rocky Mountain Lustre.
I couldn't recommed any product; until I know the ingredients of your polish.

Please respond with anything you can find on the lable.


Joe Eldredge
Conscientious Wood Care LLC

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Joe;
Thank you so much for taking the time to help us with our search for more palisander oil or a suitable substitute.  I do have the very last bottle of the oil we have been using, but unfortunately there are no ingredients listed on the bottle (this product is about 40 years old and originally came from Denmark, so I think their guidelines did not stipulate ingredients lists).  It is called "Master Cabinetmaker's Rosewood Oil" and the only thing it says about contents is the warning to keep away from children as it contains petroleum distillates. If you do discover something else or think the Rocky Mountain Lustre would be suitable for our use, I would love to hear from you again.  
Again, thank you so much for your attempt to assist us.

ANSWER: Joanne,
When furniture polishes have the words Petroleum Distillates; it creates an awarness in me.
This means the polish was derived from crude oil.
The distillation is very sophisticated; but, is still harsh on finishes.
I don't know the percentage of petroleum that was in your rosewood oil; but, there are some polishes on the market that have a high percentage of petroleum.
When these oils dry; they do this by evaporation.  They leave a smudge on the furniture and it drys with a hard crust. It gives your finish a dull, dry look and we then think it needs another application.  This only intensifies the dryness on our furniture; as we add more product.  When you spill gas on your drive way; you will witness the smuge as it drys.

I think the Rocky Mountain Lustre; would attack your existing product on your table.
The product has an etcher; that helps the polish stay on your furniture.
We have a small amount of petroleum distillates in Rocky Mountain Lustre.
When our petroleum dries; it is replaced with our natural oils.
It contains lindeed and tung oils; which dry by oxidation - leaving a nice depth appearance to the finish - and a nice plyable membrane of natural oils.
These natural oils don't leave any greasy residue.
This keeps the finish from drying as quickly; as it does, with many polishes.

Would it be possible to send me a picture of your table?
I would like to see the depth perception and and over all view of your table.
I am guessing; that after 40 years, it shouldn't need too much help.

Go luck with your table!

Joe Eldredge
Conscientious Wood Care LLC

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Joe;
I have ordered some of your Rocky Mountain Lustre but for some reason the US Postal Service won't accept our home mailing address. Weird as we often order products from the US (eg. LL Bean). I have just sent an email off to ask that it be sent to my husband at work.  Perhaps that address will work.
I will certainly send you a photo of our table but am wondering to which email address to send it to.  When you let me know I will send off a couple of photos to you.  Again, thanks for all your help.


Sorry for the confusion.

Conscientious Wood Care and Rocky Mountain Lustre are both owned by me.
These are two separate entities and managed at two different sites.
I formulated Rocky Mountain Lustre for our wood care business.

I am in the wood care side of it; 90% of the time.

I saw the email to you as far as the shipping aspect.

They should have stated to you that we have to shipped parcel post. (meaning by ground only)
The fact being it contains natural oils - linseed, tung, etc. and can't be shipped by air.
Therefore it has to be ground shipping all the way to BC.
Any way of doing this?

Please send photos to the


Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

I will inform the ladies who hadle the Rocky Mountain Lustre for us.

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