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Hi, we think our dining room has a photo finish. It is losing it shine and getting lighter in the used areas. I want to know what can I use on it to protect it. I thought about getting stain with vanish or ploy in it, but not sure if that will work. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sue

Thanks for your email.
Usually when they speak of a photo finish; its a picture taken on a very thin paper and placed, very strategically on a substrate. (cardboard, panels etc.)
There is also a Faux finish (French) and pronunced foe - which replicates materials such as marble and wood with paint.
If your finsh is losing it's shine and getting lighter in the used areas. it sounds at though it would be a lacquer finsh.
I liked your idea of purchasing a varnish or poly product; already having been tinted.
A stain by itself; won't ahere to your existing finish.

You will have to prepare your existing finish on the table; to accept the new product.
This could be done; by going over the table with a 320 to 340 grit sandpaper (wet or dry)
This breaks the resilient coat on the existing finish; and by using a lighter grit, you don't have as much to fill.
Clean off the sanded residue with Naptha or turpentine.

We use a tinted oil finish (eg. Zar)- in our woodcare business.
Oils are much more forgiving when applying with a foam bursh. (4 inch)
How large is your table?  You will need to put the tinted finish on the entire table; when you are applying.
Apply the oils in the direction of the grain in the wood. This way the product blends-in a little better.
I would like to see a picture of your table.

As you know; the best way and the most professional way, is to strip the table and start over.

Please let me know if this helps at all and email with any further questions.

Good luck,
Joe Eldredge
Conscientious Wood Care LLC

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