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I have a Berhardt Bayhall Bachelor Chest where the top drawer will not slide back all the way.  This just happen and I have never had any problems in the past with this product.  It has Enlish dovetailing and wood-to-wood guides.  I was able to get some of the screws off of the back panel to look inside to see if anything had fallen in the back of the guides, but there was nothing.  I moved the drawer up, down, and sideways with no luck.  I need some advice.  Thank yo.

Hi Linda,

There are a few things I can think of that could be stopping your drawer - has a screw or nail worked loose, and the head sticking up, in the track of the drawer? I've seen that a time or two.

The other thing - wooden drawer slides are very prone to swelling with seasonal humidity - if it's humid where you are, then the wood may have swollen up a bit, thus making the drawer stick.

My best advice - slide the drawer into the cabinet and see where it's sticking. Then try to sand the wooden slide down a bit. It's easier to sand the drawer part down, than to get inside the chest and sand the cabinet member down. I'd use maybe 100 or 150 grit sandpaper, wrapped around a small block of something firm - like a block of wood, or a chalkboard eraser. Heck, even a small paperback book would work.

After you've removed a little bit of wood, rub some paraffin on the two parts - the track and the drawer member, to lube things up. I suspect that should solve the problem.

Good luck, hope this helps,

Jamie in Vegas

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