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Hello - I built my first vanity and decided to add some detail by recessing the doors by 1/8 inch.  I now cannot find a hinge that will work as all the hinges seem to only work with flush doors.  Do these hinges exist?  Any suggestions?


Hi Chris,

I think what you're looking for is an inset hinge. You will probably have to use a european cup hinge, as those are the only type that I have seen available as an inset hinge. Here is a link:

There are many brands, so you have a lot to choose from - in color, and cup size. Make sure you buy the right kind of mounting plate to mount the hinge to - you need both the hinge part, and the mounting plate. Two parts per hinge, so if it's 2 doors, you'll need 4 hinges and four base mounting plates.

Hope this helps,

Jamie in Vegas  

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