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I have some outdoor wood benches made of natural mesquite, not processed, still look like the tree,   that turned black, part of it...  What is the best way to take off this black accumulation?  

Thanks,   Gabe

As you know - mesquite is in the family of very dense and hard woods. I know that in parts of  Mexico; they cut the mesquite trees and make outside benches etc. - without applying any exterior oils.  Your can't get by with doing this with teak wood etc. - for outside usage.
Over time; the water doesn't penetrate the mesquite like many woods, - but is stays on the surface. This is when the black mold starts to form. (not noticeable to the human eye - when forming.)  As you know it is a greenish - black color.

I am assuming from your email; that you haven't used any finishes on the wood (as stated - still looks like the tree)

The only product that I  have heard of that people use is HOUSEHOLD BLEACH.
This is known to kill the mold; but, you need to be careful how much you use and how often.
Bleach contains chlorine and caustic soda - lye.
This will kill the mold bacteria; but, if used more than several times on wood - it gets into the fibers of the wood and depletes the strength and durability.
Make sure that you try this in small areas first; to see if you are going to get the results wanted; without changing appearances more than you want.

You will also have a whiter color on your bleached areas; than the natural hue from being exposed to the elements.

We also use wood bleach in the woodcare business; when you have different stains and colors in the fibers of the wood - after stripping.
We are also careful how many times we use the wood bleach; because of the destruction of the fibers in the wood; that your are trying to refinish.

I hope this works for you.

If you are planning on using any products afterwards; use penetrating exterior wood products, as we get better protection of the exterior woods -- by protecting from the inside-out verses trying to coat with numerous coats of polyurathanes etc.


Joseph A. Eldredge
Conscientious Wood Care

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