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Greg, I have a 5 drawer maple chest and matching 8 drawer bureau with removable mirror. There is a plate in the drawer that says Templeton Brattleboro Vermont. It was my parents bedroom set from probably 1950. In another drawer it says Hard Rock Maple. I just love it. My question is what should I do to clean it. Both my parents were smokers. They are now gone and I don't want to use anything to harm the finish.
Thank you so much for your help

Hi Gail, this is most likely a lacquer finish, so there are many products available like the General:

But just plain mineral spirits (paint thinner), and a white Scotchbrite pad (or 0000 steel wool used carefully with the grain), is equal to, or better to remove dirt, grime and tobacco residue without harming the finish. Use a lot of clean rags to dry the slurry off as you work with the saturated cleaning pad, in sections over the whole piece. Then do a final wipedown of the whole piece with a clean rag, wet with the mineral spirits, again and hand dry. The General product, and most others, use a mineral spirits with fragrance additives, to do the same job, but cost quite a bit more per ounce. There are Citrus based cleaners as well, like:

but in my experience, these do not cut the tar from tobacco residue as well as the mineral spirits, and mineral spirits will not harm a cured lacquer finish in good condition.
After the thorough cleaning, apply a good wax with NO Silicones (NOT PLEDGE!!!), paste waxes are best, but the most labor intensive too...or an oil polish like the Guardsman or Weiman's, and you should be left with a smooth, clean surface. If you're not happy with the resulting appearance, then perhaps the finish is at it's life's end, and you might need to call in a Pro.
Let me know how it goes.
Regards, Greg

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