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Jack wrote at 2007-10-20 21:00:16
I have a 30 year old Oak Crest Roll top - the top is removed buy removing 3 wood screws from each end and 4 wood screws from the knee well. The locking mechanism - if it has one - may "flip up", but can be taped down.  The writing boards may not stay in place with out the top above. - Suggestion - sell or trade - without the roll top - it will never look right!

good luck

Larry wrote at 2008-05-14 23:31:34
The roll-top section can be easily removed in two steps:

1. Remove approx. 10 screws from under the desk plate around the ouside and near the leg area.

2. Slide the desk plate over slightly to each side and remove two screws from under each side to release the roll-top portion.  Lift off this section.

Last: reset the desk plate and replace the 10 screws. You now have a very solid, non-roll-top desk.  Take care of the roll-top, they're hard to find or get repaired.

Dan wrote at 2015-02-05 00:37:24
Same here, I bought the used roll desk and now it's  sitting in my kitchen. I want to move it downstairs, I unscrewed all of them at the back and under the desk and I only managed to lift first corner, I don't think the back is glued down but can't pull it up either.  I am dealing with a rocket science stuff here.

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