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I have internet/telephone service with Comcast. I recently started using a Comcast-supplied modem/router. My son's wireless signal is fine from 30ft away. My wife's wireless signal from 40 ft is extremely poor; download = 0.35 Mbps, upload = 0.46 Mbps. When I brought her laptop to same room as modem/router, speed increased greatly. Is there a better modem/router combo that I can purchase and save on monthly rental fees? Thanks for your time.

There are other wireless routers out there that may help you out. I would look into getting a wireless extender, which works thru your home electrical plugs. They are available at all electronic stores and online sites. Very simple to use, plug one in near router and plug into router with cat5 cable. Plug other unit further away were you want the better wireless signal. Im not sure of the brand name of these units, but have used in past and work well in larger homes and homes with many doors. There is also some high end routers out there, but cost is up over $200 for the cheaper units. If you have any more questions please hesitate to contact us again. Hope this has helped. Thanks, Brad

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