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QUESTION: Greetings, I hope you can help me with this problem I'm having. I have a pc connected to my HDTV and a smart blu-ray player. Both of these devices I want to connect to the internet but I only have 1 Ethernet cable that is connected to my Verizon router which all 4 slots are in use. Although the smart blu-ray player can be wireless my movie download do not play well, so I have to have it on wired. the pc doesn't have a wireless card. I tried to use a splitter adapter for 2 patch cables to the devices. When I turn on the smart blu-ray player the internet connection is not working, however if I disconnect the patch cable to the pc, it will work.
How can I use the Ethernet cable for both of this devices. I heard of Ethernet hubs and Ethernet switchers but I don't know how they work. Thank you so much for your help in this.

ANSWER: Melody, I beleive you can easily resolve your problem with a Ethernet Desktop Switch, either four or eight port switch would work for you. You should be able to go with one cable directly from verizon router and plug into ethernet switch. Depending on future demands or use of more devices that will be direct wired, and eight port switch maybe your best choice. There are many websites that have these available. My personal choice would be NETGEAR GS108NA ProSafe 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch. This is also made in four port version and both are very easy to setup. There are just basic plug n play devices, or what we refer to them as a "dumb switch". I hope this has helped and dont hesitate to contact us with any more problems/questions.
Thanks, Brad

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QUESTION: Greetings again, Now that I understand what I need to do, can you tell me what the uplink port does on a switch or if I need to be concerned about it? Thanks you all of your help. Melodyl

Depending on model of switch you have the uplink port is just a regular port unless programed inside switch to do something different than a regular port or to connect another switch/router/modem. The uplink port can probably not be used if port is not needed.  I would just plug one cable from verizon router to your new switch and plug your needed wired devices into your new switch and see if they connect and check that if new switch has green/yellow leds that they light/blink. The light(s) will show connectivity of the devices. I am not an expert on this particular subject, but am able to to get by on "plug n play" devices. I hope this has helped and dont hesitate to contact us again.
Thanks, Brad

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