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Hi. I was wondering, if you have an internet account with the cable company and you move to an apartment complex that includes free basic cable in the rent, can you still have your own internet account there? I would think it would be hard to install a new line in a 7th story apartment in a concrete building so I would think it would have to run on the line that the building is already providing basic cable on so I was just unsure how that works if the tenant can have their own internet account and modem on the same line that the building management is providing basic cable on.

Josh, in my opinion the cable or coax that feeds your specific apt would have to be home run to the outside/basement of the bldg to main entrance of CATV service for this to work. If there is any splitting of signal to your apt to fed others I doubt it would work for you. The best way to find out is by contacting the local catv provider(s) in your area to get the best info on your needs. Godd luck and I hope this has helped, any more questions dont hesitate to contact us again. Thanks, Brad

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