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Cactus/Moving a Cactus without getting stickers!


dick hamer wrote at 2013-02-03 21:11:51
Less slippery than newsprint, used carpet padding works great

For handling, transplanting or moving cactus plants. Even large ones, whick can the be wrapped

With packing tape or bungee cords to secure the padding!


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I can answer questions regarding the care and propagation of cactus and succulents and would actually group these together as folks often mistake one for the other and often their care is quite different. I also have a cold hardy cactus and succulent garden that has been quite successful. The subject in regard to classification of type is enormous and I wouldn't be able to answer all questions by any means. It is really IMPORTANT TO INCLUDE A PHOTO if at all possible and LET ME KNOW WHERE YOU ARE FROM, especially in terms of climate.


I have learned by reading books, by trial and error and by consulting with folks with much more knowledge. I have primarily grown C&S for the last 20 years.

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