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We have a tall, thin cactus (not sure what kind) about 30'' tall and maybe 15 years old. After moving to a new house, the cactus started to wilt. On our last move it also wilted, but after propping it up for awhile it restored to straight. This time, it was briefly in a not very warm part of the house, but now it is back by the woodstove where it was before we moved, but still is brown on the one side (the other side looks great). Should we cut off the top at the bend?

Hi Kayla

By the sound of it, it looks like your cactus is suffering from stress. Cacti do not like sudden changes in temperature and dislike the light levels fluctuating. With your plant being old, it is fairly fragile and is prone to damage from stressing over the different changes.

They also need to be kept dry at this time of year and if not, they will be prone to rot and fungus.

Your cactus is going through alot at the moment and needs some TLC. What you need to do is cut out the damaged parts and put a stake in the pot to hold it up. It may be pot-bound too and needs fresh compost. Re-pot your plant in spring(about April or May) and use compost that has some sand mixed in to help drainage.

Your cactus should be alright once it settles in.

Hope this helps.


Your cactus looks like its a Pilocereus.


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