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QUESTION: I have a Coral Cactus which has grown quite large.  This summer a shoot came out of the top.  The shoot is now about 8 inches long and is growing other shoots.  This is making the plant top heavy.  Can I break this shoot off without harming the original plant or would it be better just to stake the plant?  If I break the shoot off can I plant it as I normally would any cactus?  Thank you for any help you can give me.

ANSWER: Hi Shirley

Is there any chance that you could post a pic as there is a group of cacti that produces thick bristly shoots and I am wondering if you have one of them. The family is the Melocactus and Ferocactus. It is a flowering spike that is rusty coloured and is normal for that group. I cannot say what yours is until I can see a pic or you could explain more in detail about what the plant looks like and the colour of this shoot.

If you could get back to me then I could try to help.

Very sorry for taking so long but my computer has been playing up because of viruses.

I will not take long next time.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry it took so long.  I am not very good at this.  Thanks for your help.


I cannot help you unless you send me a pic of the cactus or shoot. You have sent me a pic of you holding a bunch of flowers and you must have done that by mistake.

I will help you if you can send me a pic and then I can see what I can do to help.

Sorry for the inconveince.




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