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Cactus/house plant cactus leans


Perry wrote at 2008-04-18 19:17:58
It could be negative heliotropism, which would cause it to grow away from the sun.  Are you sure the plant isn't getting too much sun?  It may like shade, especially in the summer.

Cactusman wrote at 2016-09-13 18:57:05
I think there is a misconception about a cactus leaning in the sun.  Most think a cactus on a window sill will lean toward the sun, as many plants will.  But I think, if the sun is only coming from one direction, the cactus will lean back, away from the sun and window, to open itself up to more light.  Just the way a sunflower or many leaves will turn up and back for greater exposure to the sun.


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