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Cadillac Repair/92 cadillac seville wont start


Dan wrote at 2012-10-30 03:09:28
I have a 92 Cadi that did the same thing to me,  Check the easy stuff first, , Take out the battery look at the cables the ground cable has a joint where three cables come together, take it apart & clean the wires with vinegar, after putting those back together, look just under the battery box by the radiator you`ll see the same type thing with the hot wires  take the coupler apart & clean the cables with vinegar put those wires back together put the battery back in & put the cables back on & try to start the car. I was having the same problem , everybody told me ground wire , then they said starter was dragging, I put 2 new starters on this car before I found the hot wires were caroled badly . I hope this helps.

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