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John Kent wrote at 2015-04-20 10:52:48
2004 Cadillac CTS ...........No tools required. This was a 2 minute fix for me. Pull down the carpet to the right of the gas pedal, then you'll see a little black rubber mat type flap over the transmission hump in front of the center console, raise that up and you'll see a black rubber hose plugged into a white plastic tube going through the cars body,

Pull off the hose, shove a flexible wire (I used a single strand 18" electrical wire)  down the white plastic tube, wiggle it around, plug hose back on, black matt falls into place, raise carpet up, pat it into place and you're done. They don't really clog up as most people say they do. the bug proof valve at the end sometimes over time will get a little tacky and stick shut. Don't let that water stand too long on the passengers side floor. it can build up a mildue smell that will make you want to walk rather than drive. Again a real easy fix. This is a common problem on almost any make of automobile with AC.  

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